March 10, 2020 @ 5:00 pm – 5:00 pm
Boone Country Fairgrounds
1601 Industrial Park Rd
Boone, IA 50036

Large Stoneware and Antique Dispersal Auction

Tuesday March 10th, 2019 5:00 p.m.

Boone County Fairgrounds

1601 Industrial Park Rd. Boone IA 50036


Collection Number One.

Redwing Pieces: Twenty Pound Butter Crock, Six Gallon Ice Cooler (Big Wing), Six Gallon Salt Glaze (Blue Leaf), Three Gallon SG Target Crock, Two Gallon SG Target Crock, Two Gallon Salt Glaze (Blue Decoration), Two Gallon Wing Crock, Two Gallon Wing Crock (with cooler spigot hole), Two Gallon Churn (Wing and Ear Handles), One Gallon (Signed), Brown One Gallon (Signed), One Gallon (Unsigned), One Gallon Brown Jugs (Signed), One Gallon Storage Jar Signed, Brown Bean Pot (Signed), Bean Pot (with Advertising), Large Brown Sponge Cherry Ban Pitcher, Brown Lily Pitcher, One Quart Canning Crock (with lid), Seven In. Sponge Panel Bowl, Eight Inch Sponge Bowl (Advertising),  Seven Pieces of Magnolia Pattern (White), Three pieces of Northstar (signed), Two Flower Pot Bases, Brown/White Spittoon, Blue/White Two Piece Spittoon (Rare), Blue/White Two Piece Spittoon Lid (Scarce), Large Blue/White Picket Nappie Pie Plate (Rare), 10 Pairs of Salt and Pepper Shakers.

Redwing National Club Commemoratives: ’86 Acid Pitcher, ’87 Wing, ’88 Pompei Plate, ’89 Sponge Pitcher, ’90 Brown/White Jug, ’91 Pantry Jar, ’92 North Star Jug, ’93 Chicken Waterer, ’94 20# Butter, ’95 Giraffe Planter, ’96 Sponge Band Cookie Jar, ’97 Salt Glaze Crock, ’98 Blue Iris Pitcher, ’99 #5 Coverweight, ’00 Hamm’s Pitcher, ’01 4” Sponge Panel Bowl, ’02 #5 Ball Lock Jar, ’03 Pegasus Planer.

Redwing Iowa Club Commemoratives: ’93 Colfax Beehive Jug, ’94 Mennig/Slater Two Gallon Churn, ’95 Fort Dodge Ice Water Cooler, ’96 Sioux City Pettey Hog Tonic Jug, ’97 Marshalltown Grandma’s Pickle Crock, ’98 Rozell’s Cherry Band Pitcher, ’99 Boone Zimbeck Bailed Butter Tub, ’00 Creston Weiss Liquor Jug, ’01 Dubuque Murray Liquor Jug, ’02 Hull Sponge Pitcher, ’03 Western Five Gallon Liquor Jug, ’04 Chicken Waterer, ’12 Schaller 10 gallon Crock.

Other Pieces: Western Ten Gallon White Leaf Crock, Two Western Lilly Crocks, Western Diffused Blue/White Bailed Butter Crock, Western Mug with Four Signatures, Two Blue/White Decorated Butter Crock (Lids), Two Piece of Van Briggle, Two Flemish Blue/Gray Pitchers, Two Gallon Boston Jug, Tow Gallon Star Brown Crock with Spiggot Hole, Fifteen Gallon Blue Band Crock with Bail Handles, Blue Ban 5# Butter Crock, Blue/White Diffused 8” Bowl, Two Blue/White Advertising Beater Jars (Boone, Templeton), Brown One Pint Crock Jar, Lake City Rolling Pin, Nine In. Milk Pitcher, 5# Blue/White Butter Crock with Butterfly, 10” Blue/White Pitcher with Butterfly, 2# Blue/White Butter Crock.

Collection Number Two.

Redwing Pieces: Six Gallon Crock, Five Gallon Crock, Two Gallon Crock, Three Gallon Crock, Union Three Gallon Churn, Five Gallon Jug, Two Gallon Jug, Western Pieces: Six Gallon Crock, Three Gallon Crock, Several One Gallon Jugs, Other Unique Pieces: Six Gallon Brown Crock, Three Gallon Ruckells, Two Gallon Ruckells, Pacific Water Cooler, Three Gallon Fort Dodge, One Gallon Blue Band, Several Lids, Several One and Two Gallon Unsigned Pieces, Six Gallon Brown and White Reynolds, Two Gallon Brown and White Bean Pot, Several Unsigned Jugs, Waterloo and Son’s Jug, Milking Cleaners with Grates, Chicken Waterers, more…

Cast Iron Collection: Griswold (3, 8,9,10 Skillets, and Pot), Wagner (3,5,8,9,10 Skillets and Pot), Other Pieces including corn bread pans.

Other Antiques: Single Trees, Tonka and Other Toys, Matchbox Cars, Die Cast Planes, Die Cast Cars, Ertl Tractors, JD Pedal Tractor, Albums (33 and 78), Books, Blue Mason Jars, Soda Bottles, Pictures and Frames (wildlife), Insulators, Baber Chair (Koken, Rough), Assorted Glassware, Advertising and Pens (Includes Boone Items), Scales, Mining Lights, Wood Planes, Other Old Tools, Gas Cans, Hinges and Hardware, Rug Beaters, Metal Doll House, More…..

Note: This auction has a lot of quality stoneware pieces. We expect to be on stoneware at 5:30.

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